On This Sunday: This Week in Dachshunds, Part II

Aside from corgis, beagles and border terriers, I’m a big fan of dachshunds. Here’s another roundup of wiener dog-related videos I’ve stumbled across this week. Have a wonderful week, America!

What happens when Tucker sees a squirrel… #dogsofinstagram #dachshundvideo #weeniedog

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On This Sunday: This Week in Dachshunds

Yes, wiener dogs have been making the rounds in the news this past week — a lot more than they usually do. Here is a roundup of all the dachshund-related stories I’ve gathered this week.

Not an article but it does involve a great friend of mine recently welcoming a second dachshund into her family. This little pup’s name is Lexi.

I finally got her to sit still for a picture! #puppy #love #instagood

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