Good Night and Good Luck


San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, Dec. 11, 2017

Since 2010, I’ve been grateful to use this platform to share all sorts of life events. Whether it was highlighting some of the greatest achievements I ever made to detailing some painful shortcomings, Anything Goes with Simon Oh has been there to lay it all out there for the world to read. This is all consistent with who I really am — an open book who is often not shy at telling some of the most difficult stories with a positive attitude.

I could point to many major events that were highlighted on here but I’ll leave it to you to check them out on your own, if you so choose. Like with many personal blogs, this one had a small but loyal following. However, it always lacked broad appeal as a me-centered blog. After more than seven years of sharing my stories, it is time to bring this particular journey to an end.

Anything Goes will remain online indefinitely, with archival material from the last seven years staying exactly where they are. Consider it a showcase of my writing and blogging styles for any interested parties — whether it’d be for professional or personal purposes.

While this drawdown could be attributed to my overall declining usage of social media in recent times, I still maintain an active presence on other platforms where this storytelling streak will continue. Follow me on Instagram @simon.oh (request to follow me, for now). I found that a shorter-form, visually-oriented storytelling format has worked better for me as of late. You also can follow me on Twitter @SimonOh, where it is my platform to occasionally express my political views although I’m always open to having a conversation on any topic — even if you don’t agree with my views on politics or dark chocolate.

Thank you to the few who have followed along with me over the last seven years. I’ll end with this quote by the late Edward R. Murrow of CBS News…

“Good night and luck.”


On This Sunday: Pomp and Circumstance

On Saturday night at San Jose State University, I participated in the convocation ceremony for graduates of the Master of Science in Transportation Management degree program, administered by the Mineta Transportation Institute.

While my actual finish in the program will come in December, last night was the time for celebration. Here are the highlights.


The 10 of us that make up the Class of 2016.


All hooded up, post-ceremony.

In Context: Corgis


On May 13, I posted this photo where I’m gazing at Pembroke Welsh Corgis across a plethora of tablets and my smartphone.

It’s pretty clear I’m a huge fan of corgis. When it comes to ranking my favorite breeds of dogs, corgis are at the top of the pack with dachshunds, beagles, bichon frises and border terriers close behind. As for this photo, what was the context behind this?

For my graduate school course dealing with leadership in transportation organizations, I was involved in a culminating group project where each team in the course had to pick out mascots to represent themselves. When that came up for question with our team, I jokingly suggested a corgi as our mascot. It was a purely random suggestion at best although the rest of the team eventually agreed on this stumpy, short-legged breed without objection.

As to why I was photographed here, our project for this course centered around transit villages and mobility hubs. While those topics and corgis had no substantive connection, we worked in corgis into our presentation to inject humor and light-heartedness. One component of the presentation discussed the changing habit of driving involving millennials compared to their baby boomer parents. I argued millennials prefer to live in the city proper and take transit, bearing in mind automobile and home ownership are prohibitively expensive propositions these days.

To personify someone who meets all of these characteristics, my team leader asked me to be the face of this part of the case study. Conveniently enough, I fit all the demographic elements for the purposes of this part of the presentation — millennial, smartphone user, transit rider and corgi lover. Granted, it was a bit exaggerated but it all still proved a point.

There you have it. It all comes together now.

(Photo credit to Adam Burger at the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority)