Reflections and Expectations: Now What?

What a way to close a mixed bag of a year. Let’s look back at the month that was in this final Reflections and Expectations for 2016.

December 2016

End of graduate school – Nearly three years and 10 courses later, I officially finished the Master of Science in Transportation Management degree program at San Jose State University. It all ended with the final week of MTM 215 — transportation systems planning and development — on Dec. 13. A week later, I learned that I received an A grade in the course, all but ensuring I will earn my Master’s Degree in two month’s time.

This program, administered by the Mineta Transportation Institute, has kept my career prospects alive while also helping me develop a well-rounded perspective of the transportation business, all to prepare me to become a part of the future generation of transportation managers. I still maintain an interest in going into a public affairs / community relations side of transportation while also looking into other areas such as contracts administration and transit operations. Wherever I end up, I know my future is in transportation and I will be forever grateful for this advanced degree program for paving the way to a brighter future.

Christmas – For the sixth time since 2010, I spent this holiday weekend with family in San Diego. It was a great way to close out on a high note what has been a challenging year. Due to scheduling conflicts on both sides throughout 2016, the last time I saw them was Christmas 2015 — which felt more like a lifetime ago. It truly was a weekend filled with joy, laughter and some tears. Without getting too much into the last part, it was an extraordinarily heartfelt and profound moment to strike someone like me who rarely gets this emotional about anything. I’ll leave it at that.

January 2017

  • Now what? – Much like the title of this blog, anything goes. There’s much to look forward to, more I want to do and territories yet to be explored. It could be a game-changing kind of year although I will need to clear some hurdles before I get there. In due time, I expect to get there.

By the Numbers

In December…

  • Number of times flying first-class on Virgin America over the last six yearsThree (likely my last time flying with them before the merger with Alaska Airlines).
  • Perfect grades achieved in my courses throughout graduate school – 9 / 10 (the odd one out being a B, lowest of them all. I could only dream about this level of achievement in schools past).
  • Number of times rewatching Elf year after year gets old Zero (…and it will always stay that way).

This edition will double as the year-end review, given how 2016 was a lousy year for most human beings everywhere. Here’s to hoping for a 2017 that is substantially better than this outgoing year.

Happy New Year, America!


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  1. Are you related to Lincoln Oh, who was an engineer for Caltrans in the ’60s & 70s? He & his family lived in the Bay. Area at the time.

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