Reflections and Expectations: Access Granted

A mixed bag, to describe it best. Join me in this look back at the month that was in the latest Reflections and Expectations.


Election – [sigh] This is still very disappointing and concerning. I relented and voted for Hillary Clinton on the day of the election — a decision I made the night before I casted my vote. Sure, I’ve had my shares of gripes about her but she isn’t all bad. I wish I had made that decision much earlier instead of openly flirting with the possibility of voting third-party or an independent. Electoral dysfunction, for sure.

Thanksgiving – With family in San Diego having other plans this time around, I stayed put in the Bay Area and spent the holiday with a friend and former colleague of mine in nearby South San Jose. It all went well as one should expect — getting my full turkey fix and being in good company on that day. No bones about that.

New job – This week, I officially joined MV Transportation as one of its reservationists as part of the company’s ACCESS paratransit contract with the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA). In this role, I am among the handful of individuals working out of the VTA headquarters in handling all the requests for paratransit services by the county’s senior citizen and disabled residents. I’m glad to be back to work somewhere after nearly four months of searching for the next big thing and four years since I last worked in a more transit-focused setting. Back on track, I go.


  • End of grad school – This is it. After nearly three years and 10 courses later, I’m expected to be all finished with my Master of Science in Transportation Management degree program at San Jose State University. There will be a certain charm to it all that I will miss. More in my next edition.
  • Christmas – A week and a half after that last item, I’m looking forward to celebrating my recent accomplishments with family in San Diego. It could be a great way to end this generally rough year on a high note.

By the Numbers

In November…

  • Number of days spent looking for the next big thing: 112 (the counter stopped the day before Thanksgiving when I landed my latest role)
  • Consecutive number of hours being awake from Election Day to the next day: 21 (woke up at around 7:30 a.m. on Nov. 8 and stayed up watching the returns on TV until 4:30 a.m. Nov. 9)
  • Weight change between the morning of Thanksgiving Day and the next morning: -2.5 (…all this after finishing a full plate of turkey and all sorts of trimmings on that afternoon)

Happy holidays! How are things lately? What are you looking forward to most this holiday season? Share your thoughts below. I’d love to hear from you.