On This Sunday: Now what?

The last three weeks of my life have seen some interesting developments, ranging from noteworthy to downright emotional. That streak hasn’t ended just yet…at least not today.

Over the last three weeks,…

  • I have been reeling over losing out on a particular job I really wanted. With my job search now into its third month, I’m still looking for that next new opportunity…wherever and whenever it may be. One thing I hope is that this doesn’t become a repeat of the troubles I went through between 2012 and 2015.
  • I attended my first political rally when Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) hosted an event in Downtown Oakland on Memorial Day. I voted for him in the much-ballyhooed California primary on June 7. I’m disappointed by the eventual results although it was always a long-shot of a chance for the nomination
  • On the weekend of June 4, I participated in the Relay for Life event at Saddleback College in Mission Viejo. I was there to join the family of a couple of my long-time friends for this effort, supporting cancer survivors and raising money for cancer research. Glad to catch up with them and support their efforts, having greatly valued this group of individuals over the last six years.

This Saturday night (June 18), I am participating in the convocation ceremony for the Mineta Transportation Institute graduate students at San Jose State University. While I will be going through all the usual pomp and circumstances, my official finish in the program won’t come until December as I need to return in October to take my 10th and final course. Much like in 2011 with Cal State Fullerton, another lame-duck academic session is abound.

All of this has weighed heavily on me, especially in an emotional sense. The last few weeks reminded me of some of the past problems that pervaded my career and personal relationships. On a professional level, fears of whether I can ever again land stable work in my field has reemerged. On a personal level, I’m reminded of how much I miss being geographically close to the people I truly value most as my past career troubles twice forced me to relocate from SoCal.

As the title of this blog suggests, anything goes. Currently, there are people and things in life that warrant some kind of reassessment. However it all turns out, I hope to find some kind of a balance soon.