On This Sunday: You Did Good

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 18.01.24.png

On Tuesday, Al Jazeera America ceased operations after only 2.5 years on the air. The Qatar-based U.S. offshoot never fully attracted the kind of ratings it truly deserved among other issues. Despite all that, AJAM delivered on the kind of good journalism its corporate-driven counterparts lack or have abandoned in recent years.

As for me, I was just able to start watching Al Jazeera America last month through a provider that carried the news channel. While I only occasionally tuned in, I enjoyed watching some of the newscasts and documentaries on AJAM — all completely objective, hard-hitting and in-depth in their coverage on a variety of topics. It is a shame that AJAM could not live on longer than it did.

Farewell, Al Jazeera America. You did good.