2015: A Look Back at the Year That Was

2015 at a glance

What a year this has been.

After three years of climbing out of the roughest and longest slump of my life, 2015 became the year where I finally made it out. My life and career are both back on track, paving the way for what I hope will be more prosperous and stable times ahead.

As 2015 comes to a close, join me in a look back at some of the major developments in the year that was.


Beginning of the end of the Slump – Even at the start of the year, I had no idea this was the year when my three-year-long slump would come to an official end.

The huge gamble I took of moving up to the Bay Area from L.A. in October 2014 was actually paying off. Granted, it required a great deal of patience and optimism before I realized I really do stand a chance in this region.

I took on some temp roles for web-based companies in the area during the early part of the year. Those opportunities kept me afloat to a certain extent while I continued to look for something more permanent and relevant to my background and interests. Then, I found out on April 6 — two days after my 26th birthday — that my…

…career is finally back on track! – Thanks to the people of Mark Thomas & Company, a civil engineering firm based in San Jose, I was hired on as their new marketing coordinator. In that role, I work with the engineers and planners to create proposals as part of the firm’s practice to pursue contracts for public works projects throughout the Bay Area. I’m still in this role and enjoy every moment with the company.

With this development, The Great Slump that lasted 39 months came to an official end. God forbid I have to see another slump of this duration ever again.

As for other notable things this year…

  • Taking up yoga – I’ve been practicing vinyasa yoga at a studio in Downtown Campbell for all but three Wednesday nights since late July. I enjoy this practice, especially alongside some of the most politest peers and a wonderful yoga instructor. I hope to keep this up for as long as humanly possible.
  • Graduate school – Still in it until the very end at San Jose State University, pursuing a Master of Science degree in Transportation Management. Although I expected to finish in June 2016, I’m now looking at December 2016 instead. Not that far away from now.
  • Boston – Visited the city over Labor Day weekend for what would be my only out-of-state trip of the year. Second trip to the city since my inaugural around that same time in 2013. If the pattern holds, I’m looking forward to going back in September 2017. God, I love Boston.
  • Photo shoot – Thanks to the wonderful work of photographer Michelle Tsang, I took part in this photo shoot Nov. 7 in San Francisco for a long-overdue refresh of my headshots — five years since my last set. I still can’t stop looking at my own pictures. They’re that damn good.

Those are the moments that stood out most to me in 2015. Here’s to a more prosperous and outstanding 2016 for all of us. Happy New Year, America! See you on the flip side.

How did 2015 play out for you? Share your thoughts below. I’d love to hear from you.


2 thoughts on “2015: A Look Back at the Year That Was

  1. Hi Simin,
    Nice post. Wish you a very happy, healthy and prosperous year ahead! Life is going great for me as well, even though MSTM came to a halt due to personal work overload and other reasons, but no worries. May be it isn’t meant to be. Hope to continue one day. Keep in touch.
    God bless!


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