Reflections and Expectations: Second Banana

It’s time once again to look back at the month that was and look ahead to the rest of July in the latest Reflections and Expectations.


Julian Street – On June 7, I joined my coworker and friend to volunteer at a soup kitchen in San Jose that serves the homeless and drug addicts. I tagged along after hearing about how she’s a regular volunteer with this organization. Consistent with my support for nonprofit organizations in physical labor and money, I enjoyed this experience in helping out the most vulnerable among the population. I’ll likely continue this effort periodically, as time permits.

VTA Cerone Yard – A graduate school classmate of mine gave me a tour of one of the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority’s (VTA) bus yards in San Jose during the early morning hours of June 11. As one of the bus yard administrators, she guided me through various parts of the facility, met with some of the personnel present and explained how the yard itself operates on a daily basis. We observed the pullout — buses leaving the yard in the early morning hours to begin their respective trips throughout the county. I learned there is a particular process involved with the pullout such as keeping track of the fleet of buses and coach operators heading out and what time they leave the yard. Now, I know what it takes to get buses running in advance of the AM commute hours.

Chris D’Elia – I went to go see him perform at the San Jose Improv on June 20. I enjoyed watching him as a regular panelist on @midnight, which is how I came to appreciate his style of comedy. A fantastic performance and time well spent for an otherwise dull Saturday night.

MTI Convocation Ceremony – On June 27, I attended this year’s ceremony of the Mineta Transportation Institute’s convocation ceremony at San Jose State University, recognizing more than 20 graduates of the program this time around. I came out to cheer on a few classmates of mine that graduated on Saturday night. This also serves as a preview of what I can expect around this time next year when it is my turn to graduate.


  • Independence Day weekend – Headed to San Diego this holiday weekend! Fourth year in a row in a different city — Portland, Oregon in 2012, Philadelphia in 2013 and Los Angeles last year.
  • Volunteering at Second Harvest – I miss regularly volunteering at Philabundance in Philly back in 2013. Now, I’m scheduled to volunteer at Second Harvest in San Jose next week.
  • Yoga – This is likely the month I’ll finally take up yoga. I’ve been looking forward to getting back into yoga for a while — about five years since.

How’s your summer coming along? Share your thoughts below. I’d love to hear from you.


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  1. I LOVE Chris D’Elia. Would love to see him live! So cool that you did. Very excited for you to start yoga! Happy to see these posts are much more positive these days 🙂

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