In Context: Corgis


On May 13, I posted this photo where I’m gazing at Pembroke Welsh Corgis across a plethora of tablets and my smartphone.

It’s pretty clear I’m a huge fan of corgis. When it comes to ranking my favorite breeds of dogs, corgis are at the top of the pack with dachshunds, beagles, bichon frises and border terriers close behind. As for this photo, what was the context behind this?

For my graduate school course dealing with leadership in transportation organizations, I was involved in a culminating group project where each team in the course had to pick out mascots to represent themselves. When that came up for question with our team, I jokingly suggested a corgi as our mascot. It was a purely random suggestion at best although the rest of the team eventually agreed on this stumpy, short-legged breed without objection.

As to why I was photographed here, our project for this course centered around transit villages and mobility hubs. While those topics and corgis had no substantive connection, we worked in corgis into our presentation to inject humor and light-heartedness. One component of the presentation discussed the changing habit of driving involving millennials compared to their baby boomer parents. I argued millennials prefer to live in the city proper and take transit, bearing in mind automobile and home ownership are prohibitively expensive propositions these days.

To personify someone who meets all of these characteristics, my team leader asked me to be the face of this part of the case study. Conveniently enough, I fit all the demographic elements for the purposes of this part of the presentation — millennial, smartphone user, transit rider and corgi lover. Granted, it was a bit exaggerated but it all still proved a point.

There you have it. It all comes together now.

(Photo credit to Adam Burger at the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority)


2 thoughts on “In Context: Corgis

  1. Great work Simon! Jane saw someone walking a Corgi in the Paseo de San Antonio yesterday and shouted “CORGI!” We both silently cheered as the corgi passed. “Godspeed Officer Scraps” I whispered.

    Prediction: Corgis will be the new hotness just like bacon and mustaches were the last few years. Invest in Corgi stock now.

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