Reflections and Expectations: Phrasing!

How fitting...almost. (Photo: MarinaAquamarina via Reddit)

How fitting…for the most part. (Photo: MarinaAquamarina via Reddit)

Most months since early 2014 have been relatively dull; some even more so than others. This past month has been uneventful due to a lack of any special plans or major developments.

Still, I’ll keep to the usual format. It’s hard to expand upon something so short (hence the subtitle of this month’s post). Let’s look back at the month that was and look ahead to a hopefully more eventful April — at least marginally, it should be.


Graduate school at SJSU – One class ended and another began. I passed my last one with flying colors as usual. One year in and I still got it.

Archer – I binge-watched all five seasons on Netflix as well as all the episodes of the current season on FX. The above subtitle, “Phrasing!”, is an oft-repeated line in the series. Overall, great use of my time during the weeklong break I had between my two classes in mid-March. Phrasing?

RailPAC – I wrote a couple of articles for the organization’s website. I still like writing in personal and professional spheres including on this space. I still hope to land a job soon where I can write on a daily basis once again.


  • Birthday – I’m turning 26 this Saturday. As with recent years, I have no special plans for this weekend. I might treat myself to a whole pie or cheesecake. Either of those sound good right about now.

How was your month of March? What are you looking forward to as spring kicks into high gear? Share your thoughts below. I’d love to hear from you.