On This Sunday: Dollars for Dollar


Photo: Beginning and End

I’ve always been wary of megachurches, given their massive budgets and emphasis on style over substance. It’s particularly troubling when the head pastor of one megachurch asks his parishioners to pony up $65 million for a private jet.

Anyone in their right mind can realize how ridiculous such a request can be. For all that $65 million can do to make a difference in this world — fighting poverty, eradicating hunger, getting homeless veterans off the streets among many other causes — Creflo Dollar (yes, his affinity for wealth is even in his name) was destined to generate that kind of money for a Gulfstream G650, one of the most expensive jets in the world. Describe by Motley Fool as the “ultimate symbol of wealth,” even millionaires are subject to a four-year waiting list before they can finally get their hands on one.

Bottom line, leave your church if your pastor begins to make that kind of requests to parishioners like yourself. Instead, support your local community churches where they are truly focused on the good word and dedicated to helping others as opposed to enriching themselves. That way, you can hopefully remind people like Creflo Dollar what churches are really meant for…and that doesn’t include fundraising for a $65-million private plane.