Reflections and Expectations: I Did Good Tonight

It’s been a month filled with personal developments that I feel, as always, can best be shared in this space. Let’s look back at my month that was and look ahead to the month of March in this edition of Reflections and Expectations.


SoCal trip, part two – Last weekend, I was in Southern California for the second time since late January.

A few hours after I arrived in Orange County on Feb. 19, I met up with a few former colleagues of mine at the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) for lunch. I still keep in touch and maintain good relations with many of my former colleagues since I left my two-year internship with the agency back in August 2012. I rarely get to see them in person since I left so it is always a delight to have as much face time with anyone there as possible.

Following the lunch, I spent part of the remainder of the weekend with my aunt and uncle in Huntington Beach as well as my biological mother, who wrapped up her month-long visit to the United States from South Korea this week.

On Saturday and Sunday, I was in San Diego to see my cousin and his family, the same relatives I normally spend the holidays with since 2010. Last weekend’s visit made up for not being able to visit them myself over Thanksgiving and Christmas last year due to financial difficulties of my own.

My mother’s latest visit marks the fourth time since 2007 where I spent a significant amount of time with her. Yet, I still do not feel there is the kind of mother-son relationship between us that everyone is expecting. I remain emotionless toward my mother and we lack the kind of connection that I have with my relatives such as the ones in San Diego. Language barriers, cultural and personality differences and the great geographic distance that separates the two of us will continue to make progress a difficult one to achieve.

Regardless, I’m always grateful to have the family I have here in these United States of America. I have known them longer and better than my mother. At most, I can only hope my mother will be up there with the rest. Those chances are slim but who knows? She still has my respect as a human being, something that I have always maintained for her.

HPIM2801Stan Chambers (1923-2015) – In a week filled with major developments involving journalism legends and figures, there was one legend who passed on that I am honored to have met while he was alive.

On Feb. 15, 2008 I was at the KTLA studios in Los Angeles for a personal tour of the station. During that tour, I met Stan Chambers as he was strolling through the newsroom. He served as a reporter for the station from 1947 to 2010 — a 63-year span of covering all of the major news events in SoCal.

Our interaction that morning was brief but cordial throughout. He displayed the same warm and kind-hearted personality when I met him that day as he often does on air. It was a great honor to have met a legend who represented the Golden Age of Journalism in Los Angeles.

Stan Chambers passed away on Feb. 13, nearly seven years to the day since I met him at the KTLA studios. He was 91.


  • Graduate school – Stay on course, as always. I’m expected to enroll in a new class this month that will take me into the start of summer break in June.
  • Career developments – Finding more stable, relevant and permanent career opportunities continues to be a challenging but necessary goal. Redemption is long overdue and I hope it materializes soon.

How did February pan out for you? What are your expectations for the month of March? Share your thoughts below. I’d love to hear from you.