On This Sunday: Missing out

On This Sunday, I still lament having to miss out on Christmas this year.

It’ll be my first Christmas holiday since I was 12 in 2001 where I had no formal plans. Combined with not having Thanksgiving plans year, this also marks the first time since 2001 where I missed both holidays in the same calendar year.

Perhaps the biggest loss for me this year is not being able to spend time with my family in San Diego — something I have looked forward to every Christmas since 2010. These are people I care greatly for and don’t see as often as I wish to. Being able to spend time with them each year is far more valuable than any presents that I get from anyone.

Ordinarily, having to travel between the Bay Area and SoCal would not be much of an issue if I had the kind of disposable income I enjoyed in years past. With my lagging career prospects over the last year and a half, I took the huge leap of faith of moving to the Bay Area from my native Los Angeles in October with no job or housing lined up. I moved to the Bay Area as my career prospects appear much brighter up here than in the other part of the state where I spent most of my life in and my career began. There are indications that the gamble is slowly paying off. However it pans out over 2015, I truly hope that I won’t see myself missing out on any more holidays from here on out. One missed holiday is too many.

Merry Christmas, America! For the rest of you, have a great rest of your holiday season.