On This Sunday: Staying on

On This Sunday, I am staying on with a national leadership body in 2015 that I joined for the first time earlier this year.

I will continue to serve on the PRSA New Professionals executive committee, this time as a newsletter co-chair. I’ll have the privilege of serving with Hanna Porterfield of New York City, who rounds out the other half of this two-person team in a 15-member committee. Hanna and a few others are new to the committee while the rest will be the same folks I’m currently serving with.

My new role in January involves putting together the section newsletter for new professionals in public relations. This includes curating content by publishing articles and posts from fellow young professionals, recognizing new members of our section and highlighting ways to get involved with our section. Together, with Hanna, we’ll continue to make all of that happen.

This new responsibility with the section newsletters begins in January. By that time, my current post as a diversity liaison will come to an end with no successor in 2015.

Have a wonderful week, America!


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