On This Sunday…: Not All Bad

On This Sunday, I’m marking the end of my second Thanksgiving holiday weekend in 12 years where I had no formal plans.

As I moved to the Bay Area just last month, I was unable to afford making the trek back to Southern California to spend the holiday with my family there. I expected as much that I would miss out on Thanksgiving this time around long before I officially relocated from L.A. on Oct. 11. Christmas, however, still remains up in the air due to continued financial constraints.

Nevertheless, I still made this Thanksgiving just as productive as the last time I missed out in 2012 due to living in Philadelphia at the time. This time around, I treated myself to a Thanksgiving lunch / dinner at a Chinese buffet restaurant in San Jose — certainly a lot better than the McDonald’s I had to settle for two years ago. Afterwards, I went to a movie theatre near where I live in Campbell to see Horrible Bosses 2. My take on the sequel? There never should have been one. Save your money, folks.

My next new edition of Reflections and Expectations will be posted tomorrow. Have a wonderful week, everyone!


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