On This Sunday…: Let’s Talk Turkey

Philadelphia Center City. One of the pictures I took Thanksgiving Day 2012.

Center City Philadelphia, Thanksgiving Day 2012.

On This Sunday, I’m gearing up for what will be another lonely Thanksgiving holiday this year.

I have no plans for Thanksgiving this year. It’s only the second time in 12 years where I am expected not to have any plans on this particular holiday — the last being in 2012, when I lived in Philadelphia. Much like two years ago in Philly, I do not have family in the Bay Area nor any close friends that I can spend the day with.

Although it will be another lonely affair, I don’t expect it to be all bad.

Two years ago, I took SEPTA around the city of Philadelphia with my camera to take pictures of the skyline and various landmarks, taking advantage of the low traffic in the city to embark on that endeavor safely and easily. For Thanksgiving dinner, I went to a McDonald’s near where I lived at the time as it was the only restaurant I could find that was open that day.

Not sure what I will do this Thursday. I’ll probably go see a movie or find any restaurants other than McDonald’s not closed on that holiday.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, America!


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