On This Sunday: Now What?


Downtown San Jose, shortly before touching down at Mineta San Jose International Airport

Well, I did it. I moved to the Bay Area yesterday and now, a new chapter of my life begins.

On This Sunday, I’m still figuring out how my short term plans will play out. I have yet to find permanent housing arrangements or any kind of work for the time being. I hope to resolve those issues within the next week.

I was predestined to move to San Jose from L.A., given the lack of opportunities in the southern part of this state. My only regret was that I did not make the move sooner. With the help of the many contacts and friends I have in the Bay Area, my career prospects stand a fighting chance here than if I continued to live in Southern California. I’ll still miss SoCal — it is where I spent nearly my entire life and where my career got started. However, unlike two years ago, I won’t be that far away from the place I called home. I can take solace in that fact.

Have a wonderful week, America. I hope this gamble works…and the only other kind of gambling I’ve ever engaged in was playing the lottery scratchers. Those things are fun to play with, even if you don’t win anything.