Reflections and Expectations: For Better or For Worse

On this edition, I will not be looking back at the month that was. It was largely uneventful with hardly anything worth sharing.

Instead, there’s one thing I can look ahead to in the month of October: Moving to the Bay Area from L.A. on Oct. 11, despite not having a job nor a home lined up yet.

Since the beginning of the year, the Bay Area consistently held better hopes of reviving my moribund career prospects than if I decided to continue living in Southern California. I pursued opportunities up north while living down south, possibly affecting the outcomes of earlier opportunities I was in consideration for. I’m determined to finally change all that in less than two weeks.

I know for certain that the opportunities are there. I’m working with my existing network of contacts in the area in hopes of finding work up there soon. These individuals have proven themselves to be helpful and supportive in many ways and have become some of my greatest advocates.

It is a pretty risky and gutsy decision to make — the latter attribute I credit to my good friend Jessica Lawlor and how she always encourages everyone to #GetGutsy. I’m making this move without the kind of certainty and financial safety net that I enjoyed in previous relocations elsewhere. There’s always the chance this might not work out and it would all be for nothing. However, I’m confident that this is a gamble worth taking for it is the only real choice I have left to find the happiness, stability and security that diminished over the last two and a half years. Oh, I’ll still be in graduate school at San Jose State, thanks to the distance-learning nature of the program.

I hope this all works out. What’s left of any hopes I still possess for my future now rest solely in the Bay Area.


4 thoughts on “Reflections and Expectations: For Better or For Worse

  1. You certainly are getting gutsy! I’m very proud of you.

  2. Good luck! I do hope that you will continue to share holidays with the family. The bay area does have a lot of opportunities and if you believe it’s calling to you….glad you are going for it. I will think good thoughts and pray that all your hopes and wishes come true.

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