On This Sunday…: Tomorrow

On This Sunday, I’m hoping today marks the start of what will be a better week than last.

This past week was one of the worst weeks I have had in recent years. During the course of the week, I have let down people I care about and love the most, encountered more setbacks in getting my career back on track and became emotionally overwhelmed by all of this that I broke down into tears for the first time in 2.5 years. I rarely cry — usually once every few years — and when it happens, it is precipitated by negatively impactful developments, big and small.

All of these recent events have made me question what’s left to be hopeful for in life. This year, so far, also has been a pretty difficult year, personally and professionally. I have experienced tough times before but this appears to be the longest in recent years. I hope to emerge from all of this soon, regaining a sense of stability and hopefulness that diminished since 2012.

I avoid as much as possible to air such negative sentiments on a public space like this. Given writing is my strong suit, I find it to be a better coping mechanism than talking more in-depth about my feelings to people I know — which I rarely do. Not everyone wants to hear about it — neither do I — and I get that. As a personal platform in which I often express my thoughts on a variety of personal and professional topics, I felt this week’s developments warranted special attention to be shared in a blog post. As to whether any of this will truly make me feel better remains to be seen.

Have a wonderful week, America. I hope we all do.


One thought on “On This Sunday…: Tomorrow

  1. Aw, Simon, I hate to read this post and see you so sad. I’m sorry you had a rough week- that just means better things are around the corner. Stay positive and confident! xox

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