Winners and Losers: Australian Commuters, Adriana’s Insurance

It’s been a while since I’ve profiled my last set of Winners and Losers. It’s time now to start that up again where, as always, I provide praise and gentle scorn to the heroes and zeroes out there deserving of their respective honors.

As a test, I’m going for a weekly format as a trial run in hopes of making this a more regular feature. In this run, I’ll profile one winner and one loser each week.

Here are this week’s nominees.

Winner: Commuters in Perth, Australia

On Wednesday, commuters onboard a commuter rail train in Perth, Australia came together to rescue one of their own who got himself into an unfortunate mishap. Here’s the story from 9 News Perth in Australia.

It is definitely an unprecedented act that you would not often expect. Passengers are normally not obligated to help people around them that are in need. In this case, authorities and ordinary folks came together for an act that helped restore our faith in humanity. Well done, Aussies.

Loser: Adriana’s Insurance

Photo: KNBC-TV

Photo: KNBC-TV

This week, a 76-year-old man in Los Angeles made news after receiving his settlement money from a recent lawsuit in buckets of coins instead of simply a check.

This all stemmed from a lawsuit two years ago after Andres Carrasco was allegedly assaulted by an employee of Adriana’s Insurance. The company decided to settle the lawsuit, as you saw, in a very unusual way by having its employees deliver $21,000 worth of pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters in buckets to Carrasco’s lawyer’s office.

Although Adriana’s Insurance has not responded to any media outlets’ inquiries, we can already tell just by this gesture what great scumbags their representatives are for issuing tens of thousands of dollars in coins to an elderly man who is suffering from hernia. Also, what if this is also a backhanded ploy by the company to pay him less than what Carrasco deserves? It is a massive undertaking to get these coins counted, which officials at his banking institution are planning on doing.

I don’t know much about Adriana’s Insurance to form an opinion about the company. I have seen bus ads around town for the company; it certainly lacks reputability or the kind of advertising budget that giants like State Farm and Geico command. It is pretty obvious from this story that the company and the representatives behind this stupid gesture don’t appear to have a heart.

That’s my two cents.

Those are my picks for Winners and Losers this week. What do you think about these two nominees? Who else should I nominate in the future for Winners and Losers? Share your thoughts and suggestions below. I would love to hear from you.