#Read3: June 15, 2014

20140614-201609-72969501.jpgHappy Fathers’ Day, America!

It’s good to be back after spending a week in the states of Nebraska and Colorado with an honorable mention for Iowa. Hopefully next year, I’ll go to Kansas City and St. Louis. I hear the BBQ in both cities are fantastic. Hope you treat your dads to a BBQ today. He might appreciate it, depending on his taste.

Let’s take a look at this week’s #Read3.


1. Low phone battery? Starbucks to the rescue with wireless chargers in stores! – For those of us who dread the scarcity or the nonexistence of power outlets in certain establishments. No Wi-Fi is a dealbreaker, too.

2. While You’re At It, AP – Make changes as necessary but don’t ruin a tried-and-true formula, Associated Press!

3. Are You An Introvert or Extravert? – Still not sure. A little of both? How about you?

Have a wonderful week, everyone!



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