#Read3: April 13, 2014

Happy Scrabble Day, America!

No need to spell it out for you. Whatever you have in mind, make sure it’s in the dictionary first before you squabble (21 points) over Scrabble with your friends. No one wants that.

Compose yourselves already and check out what I have for #Read3 this Sunday.


  1. 10 Life-Changing Lessons You’ll Learn in Your 20s – Pretty soon, 20 life-changing lessons you’ll learn in your 30s, 30 life-changing lessons you’ll learn in your 40s, 40 life-changing les– you get the pattern.
  2. It’s time to stop using ‘just’ in your writing and speaking – Just stop. Oh, wait. I did that too. Damn. Just ignore that. Damn it, I did it again!
  3. RIP, ‘Stephen Colbert’ – In the words of Neal Diamond, he’s “done too soon.”

Have a wonderful week, everyone!