Time for Digital Spring Cleaning!

Spring cleaning also extends to making changes to your online profile. Lauren Gray shares how you can clean up for a clearer conscience.

Intentional Progressive: LKG

Spring is finally here! The weather is finally warmer. As you start to clean up around the house and store away your winter items, take time to focus on your digital spring cleaning too.

To-Do List:

1. Clean up Twitter: what fresh value will you add this spring?

  • Organize followers into lists and update existing lists (this helps when you are following a lot of people and when you want to engage with certain people)
  • Unfollow people who are not adding value to your feed (manageflitter.com is a great tool)
  • Follow new people in areas you’ve found interesting lately or wanted to learn more about
  • Take a look at updating your bio AND your photo

Clean for Spring

2. Clearing up Facebook: who do you really know anymore?

  • Delete “friends” you don’t even know, don’t talk to, haven’t communicated with in over a year… etc.
  • Re-examine brands and pages you “like” on Facebook. Do…

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