The Social Circle: February 2014

Photo: Aca Boy, Pinterest

Photo: Aca Boy, Pinterest

Each month on The Social Circle, I will highlight the top five stories pertaining to social media and technology that’s worth a read.

Here is a roundup of my top five favorite stories this month.

1. Rest in Peace, iPod – iPhone and iPad have pretty much replaced the iPod. When it comes to music, I use Spotify now more than I use iTunes.

2. 5 tips for live-tweeting – I’ve done this many times and it’s fun. You should try it too if you haven’t done something like this before.

3. Sponsors Navigate Thorny Politics of Sochi as LGBT Protests Grow – This and the discolored water at the Sochi hotels are just some of the many problems they are having right now.

4. 7 Social Media Blunders to Avoid – Where do I start? I see it happen in different ways all the time and it is annoying.

5. Best and Worst Times to Post on Social Media [Infographic] – Timing is everything.


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