Expectations for 2014: Finishing What I Started

Courtesy: Fox 5 San Diego on Facebook

Courtesy: Fox 5 San Diego (KSWB-TV) on Facebook

Happy New Year, America!

With 2013 now in the rear-view mirror, I can finally look forward to what 2014 has to offer. If you’ve been paying attention to my posts in this space throughout the last year, you’ll know that 2013 had some pretty remarkable moments but was generally a disappointing year overall. I’m hoping that this new year ushers in better times ahead.

Each year, I choose not to make New Year’s resolutions. Instead, I set expectations — listing all the things I should do without holding myself to a firm timeline or strict set of procedures. That way, I won’t run the risk of abandoning such goals such easily due to burnout or loss of interest. This year entails having to accomplish a list of things that I should have already completed in years past.

Here are my four major expectations for 2014 — the year I hope to finally finish what I started at some point in the past.

1. Job search – Needless to say, the process that officially began in November 2011 — a month before I graduated from Cal State Fullerton — still hasn’t officially ended yet. (AmeriCorps was an aberration, separate from the current search.)

Despite a string of unsuccessful attempts during the first half of 2012 and much of 2013, I still remain focused on putting an official end to this search this year. I continue to look for entry-level career opportunities in public relations as it pertains to public affairs, community relations and corporate communications. My hope is to work on transportation issues although I am interested in any opportunities where I can still be resourceful and thrive, regardless of the field of interest.

2. Writing – I know. I have been doing it a lot lately, primarily on this space.

If I can take a page from Jessica Lawlor‘s playbook, I hope to branch out more with my writing skills by contributing for others through freelance work, guest-contributing on other sites and blogs and even advising people on how to write. People have told me that I am a great writer and I believe them. Why keep it to myself when others can benefit from my talents as well?

3. Travel – I keep believing each year that my budget gets smaller and smaller that I won’t be able to travel as much as I used to. Last year didn’t see any expected decreases in travel. As much as I still believe it won’t happen as much, I can be easily and quickly be mistaken.

Among the new cities to visit that are under consideration include Salt Lake City, Denver and Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska. Revisits from previous years that are in the works include Anchorage, Alaska and Washington, D.C. More might come up, domestic and international, as this year progresses.

4. Driving – It sometimes benefited me and sometimes gave me grief not knowing how to drive. I’ll be 25 in April and, yes, I still don’t know how.

The high cost of purchasing and maintaining a car combined with my general preference toward transit are reasons why I have chosen not to get a driver’s license yet. I have previously attempted twice to obtain one but eventually abandoned those efforts for various reasons. For the time being, I have some time to get started on that process once again.

Even if and when I do obtain a license, I won’t be buying a car anytime soon and I will continue to prefer transit as a commuting option. It does, however, open up the opportunity for me to start using ZipCar. That should make for a more cheaper alternative to owning a car.

Now, as for what will actually happen this year…

Road to grad school – I will be starting the graduate certificate program in transportation management through the Mineta Transportation Institute at San Jose State University. It all begins Wednesday night with my first class dealing with emergency issues for transportation professionals.

This certificate program is a precursor to my eventual plans to pursue the full Master’s Degree program. For now, I can start out with the program I’m in now, giving me a first look at what I can truly expect going forward.

PRSA New Professionals committee – I am already the new diversity liaison for the PRSA New Professionals executive committee. I hold the distinction of being the inaugural officeholder for this title and this marks my first leadership position on a national level.

After serving in student council in high school in 2006 and on the Cal State Fullerton PRSSA chapter board in 2010, the pattern of holding a leadership position every four years proudly continues. I look forward to serving in this capacity and doing my part to encourage greater diversity and support among minority professionals in the public relations field.

What are your expectations or resolutions for 2014? Share your goals for this new year below. I’d love to hear from you.

I’ll leave you with this.


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  1. You have an awesome 2014 ahead! I love the idea of setting expectations rather than resolutions. Awesome way to think about the new year.

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