Why SeaWorld PR is doing *Everything* Wrong with the #BlackFish Scandal

I haven’t seen Blackfish myself yet. However, judging by how SeaWorld is handling this scandal, it is pretty troubling. Read more on this from Lauren Gray.

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In case you haven’t heard, CNN’s documentary Blackfish uncovers atrocious treatment of the orcas at SeaWorld. I can’t even describe what you’ll see and what was uncovered. The film focuses around the 2010 death of SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau by an orca named Tilikum and what happened. These animals have suffered so much and the documentary digs deep to describe the horrors of what is going on. It is extremely emotional. It is available for viewing online, DVD, digital download and on Netflix.

Trailer on YouTube

CNN Blackfish Website

Blackfish Website

There have been very few statements put out about the documentary from SeaWorld and all requests for SeaWorld’s “side of the story” have been consistently declined, rejected and ignored. They don’t have any answers or any reasons or any real responses. No kind of apology has been released at all.


They are ignoring the situation and not addressing anything. This is the…

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