#Read3 + The Week Ahead: Nov. 24, 2013


Hermosa Beach Pier

Good Sunday to you, America.

I’m into my second full week back in Los Angeles. Other than Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, no big things have happened since my return nor are there any within sight just yet.

I have spent the last two weeks focusing on my ongoing job search — which I hope ends soon — and revisiting some of the restaurants in L.A. that I miss going to during the 14 months I lived in Philly. It feels great to enjoy authentic Mexican food from places like El Tepeyac Cafe and chili burgers from Tommy’s again. I missed those a lot.

While I go revisit some more restaurants, here are this week’s #Read3 and what I can expect for the week ahead.


  1. 6 years of hashtag history – Mashable has an infographic that details the brief history of hashtags. So many details just for one little symbol that was once commonly known as a “pound sign.”
  2. How to become a highly effective blogger using WordPress – Ted Nguyen shows us how WordPress is the ideal platform for bloggers and how you should use it to your advantage. More than three and a half years later, I still enjoy WordPress. It hasn’t let me down…yet.
  3. Life After College: How To Find Your Balance – Whitney Strittmatter’s post on PRSA New Pros blog provides some tips for new professionals on how to effectively manage post-graduate life as they are starting out in the working world.

If you have any recommendations for next week’s #Read3, feel free to leave a comment below at any time during the week or tweet me at @SimonOh.

This Week

  • Thanksgiving – I get to spend Thanksgiving with people again this year! When I was in Philly last year, it was the first time in ten years I had no formal plans as I had no family within close proximity to spend the holiday with and flying back to California would have been financially imprudent as I was already planning on going back for Christmas. This year, Thanksgiving in San Diego with my cousin and his family is back on!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, everyone!