Get Out There and Try Something New Every Day!

keep-calm-and-try-new-thingsEarlier this year, someone I worked with in Philly suggested I embark on something to break away from the monotony that is all too common in our lives — try something new every day.

I know. We all do try something new and different and every now and again, usually when it is convenient. The challenge in this case was to try new things each and every day, no matter what it is or the scale of it all.

In late spring, I decided to take my former coworker’s advice on trying something new each day. Whether it is a new restaurant, a candy bar or a new commuting itinerary, I found that it helps. It feels great not to be constrained to my normal routine and to get out of my comfort zone to see what other possibilities are out there.

Almost every day since, I have continued that practice although I’m not sure how long I realistically can keep up with it. I have since expanded my focus to such things as ordering different kinds of coffee at Starbucks — or at Dunkin Donuts, when I was still in Philly — and checking out different places in the city I am living in that I haven’t visited before. I’m still thinking of more new things to do as I go along.

What I learned from trying something new each day is that it not only gets me through the day but also opens up my mind to new ways of thinking and the possibilities that are out there. It doesn’t have to be anything on a grand scale nor does it have to cost a dime. It’s about getting out of your comfort zone, taking risks and being unafraid to explore what’s out there. The world is yours. Take it.

My challenge to you: Try something new or different each day, no matter what it is or the scale of it all. It can make all the difference.

How often do you try new things? What do you do and how do you go about making it happen? I’d like to hear your thoughts below.


2 thoughts on “Get Out There and Try Something New Every Day!

  1. That’s a really good idea Simon. I will have to think about how I can work this into my daily life, you’re right though, it doesn’t have to be anything big. I like trying new things when I travel. That’s the fun of traveling, trying out things/experiences from that area.

  2. This is my theme for 2014-Go out and try something new!

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