#Read3 + The Week Ahead: Nov. 17, 2013


Los Angeles Union Station

Happy Sunday, America!

I am now well past my first full week back in Los Angeles. As I continue to settle back in these parts, I’m still figuring out where my life — mostly my career — goes from here on out. I’m working on it but I hope the job search comes to an end very soon.

In the meantime, let’s take a look at this week’s #Read3 and my week ahead.


  1. 12 Words You’ve Been Using Wrong – Jon Negroni looks at some of the words we use every day, not realizing that those words do not always mean what we think they mean. Be sure to peruse through the post. When you get down to the point about “peruse,” you’ll most likely realize you’re not using it right.
  2. It’s Crazy (and Almost Unfair) How Much This One Thing Affects Your Career Success – Alexis Grant shows us that when it comes to success in your career, it all comes down to one word: confidence. I won’t ruin the rest of the post for you. Bottom line, that one little word makes a huge difference.
  3. A Season of Remarkable Apologies – Poynter examines public figures that have been in the headlines recently and how they have handled their apologies to the public for their own misdoings. Even those who have handled it pretty well have fallen short of offering a full, proper apology.

If you have any recommendations for next week’s #Read3, feel free to leave a comment below at any time during the week or tweet me at @SimonOh.

This Week

  • Tonight Show with Jay Leno – Now that I’m back in L.A., I’ll be able to do something once again that I used to do a lot in years past — attend TV show tapings as a studio audience member. Tomorrow, I will attend what will be my fifth taping of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno (eight, if you count the three times I went to the tapings of his short-lived 10 p.m. show The Jay Leno Show). I always liked Jay Leno better than most other late-night comedians. Unless I attend additional tapings over the next month or so, this will likely be my last Tonight Show taping before Jay hands his hosting duties for good over to Jimmy Fallon next spring.

Have a great rest of your week, everyone!