#Read3 + The Week Ahead: Oct. 20, 2013

Independence Hall

Independence Hall

With a little over two weeks remaining before I bid farewell to the East Coast life, I’m still making the most out of what little time I have remaining in Philly. My life’s goal is to hopefully move to Washington, D.C. or Boston by the decade’s end. Is it too early to make such a prediction? Is it too bold? We’ll see. I hope it comes true.

For now, here’s this week’s #Read3 and what I can expect for the week ahead.


  1. PR stereotypes: Fact or fiction? – Don’t believe everything you see, read or hear in pop culture about the public relations field. The people that do it right don’t always get the attention they deserve.
  2. The Complete Guide to Twitter Etiquette – If you’re a novice Twitter user, here are some tips that will make you less frowned upon by others when you’re tweeting away. I know plenty who violate some of these etiquettes one way or another.
  3. 10 Foods Los Angeles Does Better Than Anywhere Else – It can be argued that every city, in their own right, is better at some kinds of food. I miss having authentic Mexican food. Also, if Chinese take-out restaurants were common in L.A. as they are on the East Coast, that would be great.

This Week

  • PRSA International Conference – For the fourth year in a row, I will be attending the PRSA conference next weekend. This also marks the first time it will be taking place in the same city I am living in. If you’re going to the PRSA or the PRSSA conference next weekend, I look forward to seeing you there.

Due to that last point, there will be no #Read3 next week. The next edition of #Read3 will be on Nov. 3. In the meantime, follow my tweets @SimonOh throughout the conference next weekend. If the last three years are any indication, it will be buzzing with activity.

Have a great Sunday and a rest of your week!