#Read3: Oct. 13, 2013

The view from the PHL air traffic control tower

The view from the PHL air traffic control tower

Happy Sunday, America!

This week, I was part of a group that was given an exclusive tour of the Philadelphia International Airport.

From the cargo terminals to the fire station and everything in between, it was fascinating to observe everything that goes into ensuring safe and orderly operations for one of the world’s busiest airports.

I have always been passionate about transportation issues, though I am more interested in transit than anything else. However, transit and air travel do go hand-in-hand as some airports in the United States and around the world have light rail, subways or people movers to shuttle passengers to and from and within the airports.

I still hope to be back in this arena in 2014 by finding some kind of career opportunity in the transportation field. For now, that train is still at the station, waiting to see where it will go next.

While I wait, here are this week’s #Read3.


    1. 10 words to cut from your writing – PR Daily lists 10 words that you should consider leaving out in your written works. Among the words listed, “just,” “got” and “very” are good candidates for words to excise unless there is a real, demonstrable need for them.
    2. 34% of Millennials Watch More Online Video Than TV – What should come as less of a surprise, Mashable highlights a New York Times poll that shows millennials watch less television through traditional means while online viewership is high among the same group. It all boils down to our generation being more technologically adept and seeking out entertainment when we want, wherever we want.
    3. Your Career and You: “It’s Critical…Thinking” – Kirk Hazlett (APR, Fellow PRSA) reminds us of the importance of instilling critical thinking skills especially among adults, young and old. It is astonishing how grown-ups always don’t think things through or look through all the details before asking for help. You’re better than that. I know you are.

I’ll leave you this Sunday with this. I still want one of these someday.