Reflections and Expectations: While I Still Can…



With less than two months left before I move back to Los Angeles from Philadelphia, I have spent the last few months taking advantage of any opportunities that can easily be achievable while I’m in the East Coast, particularly when it comes to travel.

Also, I figured while I still have money left to do anything, this is that time to make it happen and not waste too much time thinking it over. So far, I have made a lot of things happen with hopes to achieve more as I go along.

Let’s take a look back on what went on this month and what to expect for the month ahead.


IMG_0620Boston – From Sept. 7 to Sept. 9, I was in Boston for the first time. This is one of the last few cities remaining on the top of my list I had long sought to visit.

This is one of those cities — Portland, Ore. being another I can think of — where I genuinely did not feeling like leaving when it came time to for I absolutely fell in love with the city. Much like Philly, there is so much history in the city, the food scene is terrific, it is easily accessible by transit and it imbues a sense of identity and culture that anyone can appreciate.

I’m missing Mike’s Pastry already…

At the Opening Ceremony for GlobalPhilly 2013. (Global Philadelphia Association Executive Director Zabeth Teelucksingh, PHLCVB President and CEO Jack Ferguson, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter and GPA Board Chairman John F. Smith)

At the Sept. 16 opening ceremony for GlobalPhilly 2013 at the Top of the Tower. (Global Philadelphia Association Executive Director Zabeth Teelucksingh, PHLCVB President and CEO Jack Ferguson, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter and GPA Board Chairman John F. Smith)

Global Philadelphia Association – Earlier this month, I began working with the Global Philadelphia Association as a social media volunteer for its GlobalPhilly 2013 campaign. From now until early November, a series of events spanning different categories from arts to cuisine to education aims to better highlight the international identity of the city of Philadelphia.

I enjoy this opportunity for this is the first time I have been able to work primarily on social media assignments as part of my duties, something that I have not been able to work on as much in previous jobs, if not, at all.

This is something I am doing until I officially move back to Los Angeles in early November. I still wish I could have been able to stay in these parts a little longer. I enjoyed my time here, nevertheless.

GMAT Prep – Now that I’ll be starting the graduate certificate program with the Mineta Transportation Institute with San Jose State University in January, I’m wasting no time in applying for and pursuing the Master of Science in Transportation Management (MSTM) as well.

I’ve already began studying for the GMAT as a requirement for admission into the MSTM program. If all goes well, I hope to start on the MSTM program in Fall 2014 or Spring 2015, depending on how things play out.

Job Hunt – Although this took a back seat in the last two months due to my extensive travel plans, I’m still searching for one. Now, my focus shifts back to California for I will need one at the same time I take the classes with the Mineta program.

If you know of any entry-level opportunities in public relations or social media anywhere in California, find a way to get in touch with me so I can learn more about it.

Breaking Bad – Wish I had started watching this much sooner. This is some fantastic television.


  • PRSA International Conference – I had initially decided not to go this year, mainly due to financial constraints. I eventually relented and decided I’ll go for I did not want to miss out, especially when it is taking place in the same city I’m currently living in. If you’re going, looking forward to seeing you there. If you’re going to the nearby PRSSA National Conference, hope to see you around as well.