#Read3 + The Week Ahead: Sept. 22, 2013


Philadelphia sunset, facing west from the Wells Fargo Building. Taken on Wednesday night.

Happy Sunday, America!

I have less than two months left on the East Coast before moving back to California in early November. I’ll miss this life in its own ways although I’m determined to return someday to continue living out my dream — Boston and D.C. are the places I have in mind for the distant future.

While I patiently wait for those days to come, let’s take a look at this week’s #Read3.


  1. I Never Thought I Was Special, But I’ve Earned More Than What I Have – On her blog, Pamela Chinawah, a public relations student at Cal State Northridge, debunks a commonly-shared notion by Baby Boomers and Generation Xers that millenials — including myself — are not the hard-working, dedicated and focused individuals that their predecessors were. In this post, you’ll see why we put in the same amount of work and effort our parents did with the only difference being that it amounts to little to nothing these days.
  2. Get Down, Get Down to the Floor – Ask a Korean blog responds to a reader’s question about the Korean tradition of sleeping on the floor in mats. Even as I grew up here in the United States, I remember times when I was little when I did just that, often when I stayed with my late paternal grandmother on weekends.
  3. What’s Behind The Falsehood In Recent Media Ethics Cases? Ann Willets, CEO of Utopia Communications in New Jersey, examines the ethical implications behind some recent publicity stunts and incidents profiled in the media. As Willets notes, trickery and gimmicks sometimes have the potential to backfire, affecting the public’s trust in a brand and putting its credibility on the line.

If you have any recommendations for next week’s #Read3, leave a comment below at any time during the week or tweet me @SimonOh.

This Week

  • PRSA International Conference – All but confirmed at the moment, I should find out this week if I will be attending the conference in late October.  Conveniently, this year’s conference takes place in the same city that I happen to be living in. It’s also taking place the weekend before I officially move out of this city. Important times.
  • GMAT prep – Now that I am settled in for the time being, I will begin studying for my GMAT for the Master’s Degree program with the Mineta Transportation Institute at San Jose State University. I hope to take the exam in November in advance of a December due date to submit scores. Previous GMAT test takers: Any tips on what to expect or do, leading into and during?

Have a great rest of your week!