#Read3 + The Week Ahead: July 28, 2013

Happy last week of July! As the month comes to a close, I’m gearing up for what will be a very busy August. For now, I’ll just say that much of my plans for August will consist of traveling…and lots of it…and more than what I had originally planned for.

That being said, #Read3 will be on hiatus for all of August. After today, you can look forward to my next edition of #Read3 on Sept. 1. At any time, feel free to suggest any posts you recommend by commenting below or by tweeting me at @SimonOh. I welcome any and all suggestions.


  1. Do You Read Past Headlines Anymore? – My good friend Lauren Rosenbaum examines whether people really sit down to read an entire news article these days and what role headlines play in drawing people into such stories. For me, I often like to read blog posts that stream in to my Feedly RSS reader. It does become challenging when issues such as time and work limit my ability to thoroughly read each post that comes in.
  2. Change Your Thinking: Turn Your Quarter-Life Crisis Into A Quarter-Life Opportunity – My good friend Jessica Lawlor explores the dilemmas 20-somethings like the both of us face in our lives and how we can cope with such challenges. I know I started off my 20s on a high note but later experienced a slump that began in 2012 and still lingers as of now. My current goal is to figure out what will be that next great thing to come along that will bring me back up. I’m still looking for it.
  3. Metro Gold Line celebrates 10 years of progress – As an L.A. native who was a regular transit rider there, my favorite light rail line was — and still is — the Metro Gold Line. It is the cleanest and most reliable out of all of the Metro Rail lines in Los Angeles County. My dream was to someday move to one of the apartments located next to a Gold Line station in hopes of commuting to and from a future job in Downtown L.A. with the light rail line. Given the opportunity, I would love to move back and make that happen. It would be one of the few reasons that would make me want to move back to L.A.; my current ambitions of staying out here on the East Coast still stands.

This Week

  • Chicago – I’m off to my first major trip of 2013 on Friday. Technically, I’m taking an Amtrak long-distance train on Friday that will bring me to Chicago on Saturday morning. Still, Friday is when it all begins.
  • Reflections and Expectations – I’ll publish my next edition on Tuesday. Lots to cover for this month and for next month along with a major announcement tucked in somewhere in that post.