#Read3: July 14, 2013

We are now halfway through July and it’s been a fantastic month for me so far. Last week, I was high-“phived” by the Phillie Phanatic and Keith Olbermann tweeted me. I’ll go more in-depth into both at the end of the month in my next Reflections and Expectations post. In the meantime, here’s my #Read3 for this Sunday.


  1. How to adjust to a new job – Alison Green of Ask a Manager, one of my favorite blogs to follow, lists the eight ways you can effectively adjust to your new job. Whether you’re currently job searching like I am or just recently started a new job, this post is for you.
  2. The online witch hunt, how good brands can lose quickly and how to recover – On her blog, my good friend Lauren Gray goes over the importance of protecting brands on its social media properties in times of mishaps and crises. She also cautions people against rushing to judgment on social media before all the details surface regarding such incidents.
  3. KTVU Reports Asiana Air Pilots Were “Sum Ting Wong” and “Ho Lee Fuk” – For a story I still cannot stop laughing about, San Francisco Bay Area’s Fox affiliate KTVU read Friday what they believed to be the names of the pilots onboard Asiana Airlines Flight 214 on July 6. Of course, they later found out those names were made up and the station became the victim of a prank perpetrated by a rogue NTSB intern. I will have a Beehooved post relating to this on-air mishap later this week.

What are your suggestions for next week’s #Read3? Submit your suggestions at any time during the week in the comments below or tweet me @SimonOh.