#Read3 + The Week Ahead

As part of what I hope will be a regular series, here are three links around the web worth checking out as well as what I can expect for the week ahead.


  1. On the Road: Fostering Success – Featured on CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley on Friday and again on CBS News Sunday Morning this morning, this story features a bright young lady who entered the foster care system with a dismal outlook in life. With the help of her foster parents, she is now graduating from high school with honors and headed off to college. I can relate to the story as I was in the foster care system myself as a teenager, coming in as a failure and leaving as one of the few success stories. It is staggering but it’s true.
  2. Your Career and You: Vacation…Expanding Your Horizons – Kirk Hazlett (APR, Fellow PRSA) shares how vacations are a time to not only relax but also to strengthen your career by way of networking and meeting new contacts.
  3. Goodbye, Google Reader. Here are 5 Alternatives – As you may have heard by now, Google Reader is no more starting tomorrow. USA Today recommends the top five alternatives to fill the void that will be left by Reader at the stroke of midnight tonight.

This Week

  • Fourth of July – I’ll be celebrating my first Fourth of July holiday in the City of Brotherly Love and on the East Coast. It’s only fitting to celebrate this occasion in a region rich with history that led to the formation of our country. I plan on going to the Wawa Welcome America festivities on Thursday night.
  • Informational interview – After repeated delays, I’m looking forward to my third informational interview on Friday. It’s always fun to learn from professionals about their jobs, the industry they are in and how I can make it in there one day.

Feel free to share any posts or links in the comments below anytime during the week or tweet me @SimonOh to see if it’s worthy for next week’s #Read3. Have a great rest of your week and a happy Fourth of July!