Reflections and Expectations: Lean Forward

Courtesy: @msnbc on Twitter

Courtesy: @msnbc on Twitter

(Before I start, I would like to give a shout-out to my good friend Jessica Lawlor, whose Monthly Check-In series on her own blog inspired me to start up the Reflections and Expectations series. Check out Jessica’s blog for it is one of my favorite blogs out there.)

I am a fan of the cable news channel MSNBC. If you’re not, that’s okay for this monthly wrap-up post has nothing to do with politics.

MSNBC’s slogan, “Lean Forward,” is one that resonates with me on multiple fronts. The network’s intended meaning of that slogan has to do with embracing forward-thinking views in our political discourse while setting party politics aside.

I interpret an alternative meaning for that slogan, one that is more relevant to me — being a forward-thinker and focusing on ways to ensure future success in life.

Let’s look back on what went on this month and “lean forward” to the month of July.


Job hunt – I am finally making some progress on this front. All I can say for now is that what happens in July is a make-or-break moment that will hopefully translate into a triumphant one.

Philabundance in South Philly

Philabundance in South Philadelphia

Penultimate month of AmeriCorps – As the school year ended in mid-June, I no longer work at the school I was assigned to work at for my AmeriCorps service term.

For the remainder of my service term ending Aug. 1, I am volunteering at Philabundance, the food bank serving the Delaware Valley. I was already volunteering there every Saturdays since March but now, I’m there on weekdays as well.

My current involvement with Philabundance is consistent with my long-standing support for food banks and years-long desire to volunteer directly for one. I hope to continue such a commitment at Philabundance or its counterpart in another city once I start my next job.

Social media and small business – Seeing an opportunity to put one of my most valuable expertises to use, I started advising a small business owner this month on how to establish and maintain a social media presence for his business.

The business is a small ice cream shop in Glenside, a suburb of Philadelphia, that underwent management changes in recent years and ultimately led to him taking the reigns of the latest incarnation of that shop. I will continue to work with him and help him every step of the way to ensure success of his business is partly attributed to social media.

If you wish to check out his newest venture, visit Dreams Ice Cream Factory, 33 E. Glenside Avenue in Glenside, Pa. It is within a short walking distance of the Glenside station on the SEPTA Regional Rail’s Doylestown and Warminster Lines.


  • Informational interviews – One lined up so far. I already wrote a post about informational interviews in general. If I do this enough times, maybe a book will follow thereafter.
  • Job hunt – I’ll be happy once this is all finally behind me.
  • End of AmeriCorps – It all ends at the stroke of midnight Aug. 1. Insomnia Cookies, anyone?
  • Vacation in Chicago – Aug. 2 is when it begins. Job or no job, it should be fun and a great way to temporarily escape from the madness that is the job hunt, assuming it hasn’t been settled yet by that time.
  • Passport – Still waiting on it. I was supposed to get it right about now but an issue came up this week where I won’t be getting it for a little while longer.

What will you do to “lean forward” in life? Share your thoughts below. If all goes well, next month’s edition of Reflections and Expectations should be a good one…hopefully.