A Real Eye Opener: How CBS Morning News Shows Helped Me Develop Better Sleeping Habits

CBS This Morning's Facebook page

CBS This Morning’s Facebook page

I admit. During my college years as well as the years preceding that, I was not always a morning person.

I often stayed up late (I still do, to an extent) and tried to take in every last minute I can during the week to get as much sleep as possible. On weekends, I pretty much threw away the alarm clock and slept in for as long as I felt necessary.

Earlier this year, I decided to turn on the television one day to watch some morning news while I was getting ready for my day. Not much of a fan of Good Morning America nor Today for their emphasis on less serious segments and stories, I tuned in to the CBS morning news show that revamped its format the year before — CBS This Morning.

CBS This Morning frequently distinguishes itself from its competitors with the slogan, “The news is back in the morning,” referring to its greater focus on hard news than the other shows in the same time slot. After a short trial run, I was pleased and the new format did not disappoint. I did not watch its predecessor show, The Early Show, either but the new show gave me a reason to wake up a little earlier each morning than I used to.

The time that I used to wake up during the week was usually about an hour before I left home to go to work or school. Recently, I find myself routinely getting up shortly before 7 a.m. ET, when the show goes live. I wake up each morning to the “Eye Opener” segment, a 90-second recap of all the news that developed overnight, accompanied by its booming background music that is enough to give me a boost. During the two-hour show, I also have ample time to get a shower in as well as breakfast, the latter of which is something I frequently skipped in the past.

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CBS News Sunday Morning’s Twitter page

On Sunday mornings, I have the tendency to wake up at around 11 a.m. A few weeks ago, I got up earlier than expected as I went to bed early the previous night. I tuned in at 9 a.m. ET on CBS to check out CBS News Sunday Morning for the first time. Since then, I find myself waking up earlier on Sundays as well thanks to Mr. Charles Osgood and the show he wonderfully carries out each week.

Although it takes on a different format than its weekday counterpart, Sunday Morning has a distinctive format that is fitting for a Sunday morning in general — peaceful, serene, quiet — akin to reading a Sunday newspaper or going out for a walk on a nice, sunny day. The show features long-form reports and in-depth interviews which are often insightful and interesting to watch. Even watching a segment a few weeks ago about people collecting refrigerator magnets as a hobby stuck with me. (get it?)

Now, I have a reason to get up every day just a little earlier than I used to in order to not only wake up to what’s going on in the world but also to be informed, enlightened and energized. It also, without question, better prepares me for the day each morning by giving me enough time to do all the things that helps ensure my well-being.

What gets you up in the morning? Share your thoughts below. Speaking of which, here’s what gets me up on Sunday mornings.


2 thoughts on “A Real Eye Opener: How CBS Morning News Shows Helped Me Develop Better Sleeping Habits

  1. I’ve been waking up 2 hours before work lately in order to get some exercise in. Now I have time to fully get ready and make myself a good breakfast before heading to work, all without rushing. I think we’re becoming real adults now! 🙂

    • I’m still getting there. I have yet to land a job where getting up at 6 a.m. or earlier would be the norm. As it stands now, 7 a.m. would be a luxury down the line.

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