Reflections and Expectations: April and May 2013

April marked the start of a long, dull slog toward August, when my service term with AmeriCorps ends.

With only three months left, the job search continues as I seek to re-enter the arena of public relations, what I studied in school and previously had internship experience for. I’m also learning to take things one day at a time, learning to live a little as time marches on.

So, what happened in April that was noteworthy and what can I expect for the current month?


Birthday – I celebrated my 24th birthday on April 4th. Much like most recent birthdays, it was largely uneventful and was a relatively normal day much like any other day. That’s how I generally prefer it, shunning any formal occasions to celebrate such a day save for a simple lunch or dinner somewhere with a friend or coworker, if offered an invitation for one.

Job Hunt – The job search is slowly beginning to show signs of progress. Without mentioning any names for the time being, I have applied to positions at some well-known organizations in the realm of public relations. I even had a brief phone interview of sorts regarding one of those positions. I plan to pursue this further as well as other opportunities out there.

Writing – The second writing piece I contributed for a Philadelphia nonprofit organization, Global Philadelphia Association (GPA), was published on April 26. This one was a book review for a book about the history of Latino-Americans in the greater Philadelphia region over the last 200 years. I’ve been working with GPA as a freelance contributor since November and we are in talks for more assignments over the coming months.

Making Inroads – I’m also pursuing career opportunities that utilize some of my best skills: social media and writing. I met up with a friend in New York City late last month to learn more about how to break into that particular niche industry. I feel I’m a good fit for a community manager or a digital copywriter, which I’ll also continue to look into.


  • Attend a community manager meetup in New York City sometime later in the month, better immersing myself into that career field.
  • Focus on more cities throughout the United States for my ongoing job search.
  • Write more for GPA and others.
  • Continually remind myself not to panic about having only a few months left to find my next job by taking things one day at a time. I’ve been doing good so far.

While I continue looking, if you have any contacts or available career opportunities that you believe may be suitable for me, feel free to email me at simonoh804 [at]

Here’s a song that sums up how I should go about dealing with these next few months.


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