Finishing What I Started, Slowly But Surely

It’s early April and I’m already starting to slug through what will be a largely uneventful next few months.

With no major travel plans or events in sight through July (though things can change as time marches on), I’m focusing the next few months on finishing what I started. I am focusing on serving out the remainder of my service term with AmeriCorps, which ends Aug. 1, as well as rededicating my efforts to pursue a career in public relations, hoping to land a job by the end of summer.

It’s been an eventful year overall — since August 2012, that is — but now, this is a crucial period where I am diligently working on laying the groundwork for the next chapter of my life. At the same time, I’ll continue to live a little at every turn I get without constantly worrying about how the rest of this year may play out.

The following should sum up my mindset for the foreseeable future.


3 thoughts on “Finishing What I Started, Slowly But Surely

  1. Great song for this post!

  2. Had no idea you were part of Americorps. How cool! Can’t wait to see where you go next as you launch back into PR.

    • Thanks, Jess! I joined AmeriCorps as it is consistent with my long-standing support for nonprofits. I do miss being in PR, though, and I’m eager get back into that arena.

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