February signals in first signs of personal progress in 2013

Primavera P6 progress lineAfter experiencing a quiet and lackluster start to the new year in January, the month of February ushered in some developments that may have greater implications as the year progresses.

I’m still diligently preparing for my next career move — also panicking at times about it as well — while serving out my term with AmeriCorps, which ends on Aug. 1.

Before February ended, there were a couple of things that I accomplished that will hopefully make a greater impact later in the year.

Informational Interviews

picture_freedman_fraser_foot_in_the_doorOn Feb. 19, I went in for my first-ever informational interview, this one with a professional who works for the public affairs department at Delaware Department of Transportation’s (DelDOT) DMV division in Dover, Del.

We decided to meet after I reached out to another public relations professional I know regarding getting contacts on the East Coast to schedule informational interviews. He worked for DelDOT in the past and decided to refer me to someone he worked with who is still there now.

From this informational interview, I learned a great deal from my contact about what it takes to work in a public affairs role in the transportation industry — where I worked in the past and still hope to jump back into in the future. I also sought advice on how to effectively transition back into the industry and what resources I should turn to in order to make my next move.

I consider that session to be a sheer success that exceeded my expectations. I hope to find more contacts I can reach out to for additional informational interviews over the next few months. Now, time to gear up for my second informational interview in Los Angeles later this month with the aforementioned former DelDOT official who now works in the private sector.


Courtesy: Daniel Schwen (via Wikimedia Commons)

Courtesy: Daniel Schwen (via Wikimedia Commons)

As the header and photo suggest, I’m going to Chicago in early August for what will be my first major trip of the year to a brand new destination. I booked this trip in late February after weeks of hammering out plans and researching potential costs for such an excursion.

I have never been to Chicago, let alone any part of Middle America, which makes it the perfect place for a vacation this time around. After first-time trips to New York City and Washington, D.C. in the last few years alone, Chicago and Boston remain as the last two major holdouts in terms of major U.S. cities I should visit. A trip to Boston has yet to happen and is still in the works.

As the trip via Amtrak long-distance trains begins Aug. 2, a day after my term with AmeriCorps ends, I hope this will be a celebratory trip to celebrate my next new job around that time. While I can’t wait to embark on this trip, there’s still much work to be done on the job search front.

Progress never looked so good.