Kirk Hazlett (APR, Fellow PRSA) shares why courteousness is important as a human being as well as in your professional life.

A Professor's Thoughts

Picture1I’m writing this in my “den”…also known as the “Red Line”…part of Boston’s subway system. The “T,” as the system is informally called, is my laboratory for the study of human…and not-so-human…behavior.

I am continually fascinated/repulsed by the actions of my fellow inmates. Some of them seem to have learned basic social skills somewhere in their past. Others…not so much.

One thing I’ve noticed is that common courtesy toward others appears to be on the downswing. I don’t see this trend in Asia so much (though, I have to admit, Taiwan is where I spend the bulk of my overseas time), and, while I can’t speak to Europe, not having visited in several years, I suspect the same positive climate is true there as well.

Maybe it’s just Boston, just to throw my adopted home city under the bus. But I’ve observed similar situations in other cities…

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