An Expectedly Sleepy Start to 2013

I typically don’t expect much to come out of the month of January. Historically, January is a relatively quiet month — with the exception of 2011 — with no major events and standout moments. January 2013 is no different.

I’m halfway through my term with AmeriCorps, which ends on July 31. I still plan on pursuing a career in public relations after my term ends this summer. My goal of working in transportation PR remains unchanged although I have kept an open mind at a potential career in social media. I think it would be a fun and worthwhile job to manage brand accounts and help foster an online community. I have the basic know-how for it so I believe I have what it takes.

In the meantime, I do have some informational interviews to look forward to within the coming months. My hope is that I can learn as much as I possibly can out of these interviews and establish some connections here on the East Coast.

I know you’re bored — and so am I — so I’ll leave you with a cat video.


2 thoughts on “An Expectedly Sleepy Start to 2013

  1. Simon. I can’t believe I watched the entire cat video! Should I even ask how you came across this video? I admit I normally don’t like cats but that was cute and funny.

    Do you know where you’ll want to live when searching for your career once you complete AmeriCorp?

    • I want to stay on the East Coast. DC and NYC are the cities I’m looking at though I don’t mind staying in Philly. As for SoCal, I’ll move back if someone gives me a compelling reason to go back.

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