Networking isn’t just limited to networking events. It can happen anywhere, whether it’s an elevator ride or, in my case over the holidays, at a family Christmas party. Helpful tips you need to know to network just about anywhere you go.

Intentional Progressive: LKG

Hat tip to my Jarrett for coming up with the idea for this post!


In everyday life there are many situations we come across. Whether we’re in line at the post office, flagging a cab in the city, waiting for a subway or walking around a conference, there’s a chance you may stumble across something or someone who may want more information about you and you need to be prepared.

Things you’ll need:

Biz Cards

Have at least twenty on you at all times. You never know who will be asking for your information or to whom you may want to offer your information. You can run into anyone at any time. It may sound like I’m stretching it, but I’m one of those people who met a PR executive in an elevator once and they asked for my information. We’re still in touch!

Elevator Speech

To my point…

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