Give a Hoot. I’m Now a Certified Social Media Consultant.

HootSuite Certified Professional

On Dec. 29, 2012, I became a HootSuite-certified social media consultant after successfully completing the brief but insightful online courses as part of HootSuite University.

The online program, which took me only about a day to complete, taught me how to use HootSuite to manage social media properties for personal and business purposes. As a pre-existing user of HootSuite, I already had the upper hand on how to use the site for my social media wants and needs..

The video courses covered how to effectively use HootSuite as means for interacting with social media users in one space, developing strategies on how to get messages out at the most optimum times, using teams to accomplish social media assignments and tasks among others. Many of the lessons taught can be applied outside of HootSuite, giving people like me a general idea of what social media management should be like.

I stumbled upon this program after meeting someone at a holiday party in December here in Philadelphia. Laura Horak works for HootSuite and convinced me to try out HootSuite University after I told her how I’m very active on social media.

I’ve also had many people that I know that have come up to me and say that I have become somewhat of an expert on social media use, given my constant and visible presence online. Some have even come to me for advice though I’m better at simply using it than teaching others on how to go about doing so. Now that I’ve went through the certification process, I can hopefully do a better job of assisting others with their social media needs should such requests in the future materialize.

But enough of my spiel. Join me over on Twitter @SimonOh and let’s continue this conversation. If you’re also interested in potentially joining HootSuite University like I did, visit their website for more info. Lastly, don’t forget to visit my personal page on the HootSuite University site, which includes my official certification seal and information.

[Full Disclosure]: I don’t work for HootSuite nor was I paid to promote HootSuite or HootSuite University in any way. It’s simply a personal endorsement based on my aforementioned experiences.