2012: A Year I Won’t Miss Much

I’m ready to leave 2012 behind.

As with any other year, there were certainly some bright spots — meeting more new friends, traveling more, moving to the East Coast among others — that made 2012 a decent year but certainly not the best year ever.

This year was largely weighed down by what didn’t happen during the first half of the year — securing a full-time job in public relations after graduation.

Nevertheless, it allowed me to join AmeriCorps, fulfilling my desire to work with a nonprofit — in this case, a school — which is consistent with my years-long support for nonprofit organizations.

I’m optimistic about what lies ahead in 2013. Come back tomorrow when I list my expectations for the new year.


3 thoughts on “2012: A Year I Won’t Miss Much

  1. At least you’re being honest

  2. You might have hit some rough patches but you’re an intelligent person, something bigger is out there for you! I can’t wait to see your expectations for next year.

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