On Election Day eve, my good friend Lauren Gray shares her reasons why she’s endorsing President Barack Obama for reelection — a sentiment I also share.

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This is a personal opinion post.


If you know me though, this really shouldn’t be a surprise. I’m 100% behind President Obama.

I honestly believe in our President. He inherited a very damaged economy and no one can just make everything 100% better in just four years. I think he’s done a hell of a job improving things though and giving us hope for the future.

Employment is growing. I know the past month hasn’t been overly optimistic, but things are getting better. The policies are working and our economy is growing. Do we need more bipartisanship? Absolutely. The President can’t do it alone.

Is there a much longer way to go? Yes. Can President Obama continue to improve our United States? Absolutely.


Here’s why I support him and why he has my vote:

  • He’s a family man and I know he has core values that are important to…

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  1. Yes let’s keep moving forward!

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