Some helpful tips on how to use social media more efficiently and wisely courtesy of my good friend, Lauren Rosenbaum.


Face it: without an online social media presence, you no longer have much of a presence.

Does this mean it’s the best way to handle all business?
Does this mean you must be on every social network to be successful?

No. But what it does mean is that your name or business is more likely to be found if you’re online and engaging, and the thought- gasp- that you can’t find a business on Facebook, well you should know.






So what do I mean by ‘participating or just present’?

Well, I’ll assess myself.
Facebook: Participating.
Twitter: Participating.
Foursquare: Participating.
Google+: Participating.
Instagram: Participating.
Pinterest: Present.
YouTube: Present.

The first five I use pretty regularly; at least one post a day on a typical basis. Instagram is borderline present. The last two I have accounts on, but truth be told I’m not using…

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