Whatcha Gonna Do?

Last night, I watched America’s Got Talent on NBC, a show that I decided to start watching regularly this summer after The Voice ended for the season two weeks ago.

From last night’s show, there were many extraordinarily talented performers (who couldn’t forget the dogs that can jump ropes and do backflips?) as well as a few underwhelming talents.

One talent in particular stood out in a profound way. Burton Crane, a 77-year-old retired teacher, decided to do something most of us don’t expect someone his age would do — try his hand at rap music.

I’m not gonna give away too many details so I will let you watch the clip from last night’s show and come back after the jump.

As you have just seen in that clip, the audience initially expressed great skepticism about his not-so-traditional approach to rapping, being almost immediately dismissive of the talent for which he was demonstrating in front of hundreds in that theater in New York City and millions more across the country watching at home on Monday night.

The judges appeared eager to hit the buzzer to give him the boot but they gave him a chance and had a completely different opinion of him as soon as he uttered the now-infamously catchy chorus, “Whatcha Gonna Do?”

If Susan Boyle taught us anything, it’s that we shouldn’t be so quick to judge anything or anyone based on first impressions. In the case of Burton Crane, it is no different.

Thanks to the judges’ willingness to let him sing his song without quickly writing him off, we can now thank Crane and his catchy chorus — depending on your opinion of his performance — for bringing up a good question: Whatcha gonna do? It is an important question we ask ourselves when we come up against a crucial moment in our lives.

Whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do to make your dreams come true? Whatcha gonna do to make a difference in yourself and the lives of others? Whatcha gonna do to make that big first step toward something that will change your life forever?

There are things I’m certainly gonna do. I’m gonna be persistent and remain optimistic during this prolonged job search. I’m gonna continue to prepare for grad school in the process. I’m gonna keep up with my commitment to giving back to the less fortunate in any way I can. I’m gonna keep exploring new territories and meet new people along the way. I’m gonna continue to seek new opportunities and find out where it all leads to.

Whatcha gonna do? Yes, you. What’s it gonna be?


2 thoughts on “Whatcha Gonna Do?

  1. Hey there Simon! It’s funny to see the crowd goes from immediately booing him to then singing along with him! I love how Nick Cannon is singing along in the wing too.

  2. Nick really does add more life to the show, even when the acts are already entertaining enough.

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