May Update: Where do I go from here?

We’re almost halfway through 2012.

As I see it, this year has failed to match the level of excitement and productivity of the last two years of my life. I attribute that mainly due to graduation last December and the longer-than-expected job search. If you look back on all of my posts from 2011, you’ll see why 2012 doesn’t even come close.

In the last four months, I used some of the free time I have outside of my paid internship to explore new but relatively minor things such as traveling and expanding my social and professional circles. This month, I plan to start preparing for the GMAT in hopes of getting into grad school with an expected start date of spring or fall 2013.

Another minor yet notable moment was taking the new Metro Expo Line light rail in Los Angeles on its opening weekend April 28. This marks the fourth time I’ve taken a ride on a new rail line in Los Angeles on an opening weekend since 1999. For rail and transit enthusiasts in the region like myself, it becomes a really big deal as a rollout of a new rail line doesn’t occur very often.

However the rest of the year plays out, I remain very optimistic and believe there are new opportunities, surprises and other developments still ahead that will determine what kind of year this will really be.

As I see it, 2012 will either be a disappointing year that starkly contrasts that of the last two or one that started off slow but eventually forms a steady tide that carries with it momentum, hope and progress along the way.

My hopes rest on the latter and I’m riding it out for as long as it lasts.